GOOD DEVILS: The Fall of the Newmerican Empire

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GOOD DEVILS: The Fall of the Newmerican Empire

david brothers
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Brothers Books presents GOOD DEVILS: THE FALL OF THE NEWMERICAN EMPIRE, a special prose prequel to GOOD DEVILS #21, by Nick Dragotta and David Brothers! The first installment of GOOD DEVILS ran in the CRY PUNCH COMICS #1 anthology and spotlighted the final battle between Bella, a warrior for good who returned from the dead, and Oya, a selfish warlord who wants nothing more than to get her way. in THE FALL OF THE NEWMERICAN EMPIRE, we discover what happened before the grand finale...

In the near past, climate change overtook the world and irrevocably changed the face of human civilization. Out of the ashes of the twenty-first century rises a new era, an era ruled by the greedy and brutish who use their martial arts for craven ends. Oya and Bella once stood together, teen activists who split their time between agitating for the world's governments to take climate change seriously and training their bodies to their fullest potential. After being corrupted by power, Oya betrayed and killed Bella before moving on to claim what she felt was her due. However, Bella survived and has been living a quiet life, one that exists in sharp contrast with Oya's vicious predations.

But when a young man comes to Bella's cabin, Bella finds herself pulled once more back into the realm of doing good through great violence and trying to secure justice in a world with no pity.

This is GOOD DEVILS: THE FALL OF THE NEWMERICAN EMPIRE, and it is the story of how Bella found purpose, and how Sheila found a fitting end. This PDF contains the complete prose story, a prequel to GOOD DEVILS #21, and Dragotta's complete initial thumbnails for what eventually became GOOD DEVILS #21.

Brothers Books, #3.

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