Darker Than Blue: go back and get it

david brothers
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Featuring a cover by Emma Ríos and logo by Jeff Brothers, Darker Than Blue: go back and get it is my second short fiction collection. Over these eighty-odd pages, you'll find six stories and one b-side about the end of the world, a robot seeking religion, tweens on the run, super thieves, and one woman with a grudge. Plus, it includes a bonus illustration by Ríos depicting a scene from one of the tales.

Buying it gets you a DRM-free PDF, a MOBI file, and a reflowable EPUB file, at least one of which should work with your favorite e-reader (Kindle, iBooks, etc) on your computer or phone. Preordering it before release saves you a couple dollars, too :)


The soldiers stopped briefly, taking in this newcomer and gauging how she could affect the situation. No visible weapons, odd headgear. An unknown subject, but she wasn’t on their team, and the orders of the day meant that weapons were free. She was an enemy. All six leveled their guns at her and opened fire simultaneously.

Father Junko Bishop didn’t move an inch. The drone clouds shifted to a point-defense system, the change in load dropping her an inch closer to the ground as the drones caught and deflected every round fired at her. As the soldiers emptied their magazines, a flurry of sparks splashed across her chest. Six guns fired forty-eight rounds each over the course of a few short seconds, and when they were finished, a small pile of spent ammunition littered the ground at her feet. The drones holding her up devoured the raw material, transforming it into energy and replacing the drones that gave their electronic lives to protect her.

As the soldiers reloaded, she said, “Kushiel. Take the weapons from the sinners.”

Darker Than Blue: Go Back And Get It contains six tales of ghosts, monsters, robots, and the end of the world, plus one yarn about a lady with a gun and a grudge.

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  • One PDF, one MOBI, and one EPUB of Darker Than Blue: go back and get it!

  • One PDF, one MOBI, and one EPUB of Darker Than Blue: go back and get it!


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Darker Than Blue: go back and get it

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