APOLLO KIDz, by Caleb & David

david brothers
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The Titan Armor fighting force is largely composed of unmanned bipedal robots, but when certain situations need a decidedly human touch, they send in a Hand.

Each Hand is a pair of teenaged fraternal twins trained to work in perfect concert for the glory of the Republic, and through the Republic, humanity itself. Each Hand was composed of a warrior on the ground and a second warrior in an operations center orbiting high above what remained of the Earth.

The orbiting twin controls energy flow, monitors vitals, tracks the opposing force, delivers tactical updates, and generally provides an omniscient ally for the ground-based twin during combat operations.

APOLLO KIDz is the story of one Hand, known by their codenames Alpha and Bravo, as they beat back the tides of inhuman lifeforms infesting our fallen Earth.

Drawn by Caleb Goellner, written by David Brothers, and apparently described as "way too violent for your younger brother and sister" by David's mom, APOLLO KIDz is what happens when two guys raised on Metal Gear Solid and The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time team up and make something new!

We highly recommend you read it with two-page spreads turned on, but provided a PDF with the pages split as well, just in case you need it.

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  • APOLLO KIDz in CBZ and two PDFs with pages and spreads

  • APOLLO KIDz in CBZ and two PDFs with pages and spreads
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APOLLO KIDz, by Caleb & David

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